Shipping policy

Is your packaging recyclable?

We pride ourselves on recycling and minimising waste whenever possible. Our delivery boxes are 100% recyclable. Note that as a food safety measure, our courier is unable to recollect these for reuse.

How are my meals individually packaged?

All our meals are packaged in BPA free plastic pouches. The pouches do not release BPA when heated and can be rinsed and recycled at your nearest soft plastics recycling drop off point (available at most supermarkets). Check out for your nearest disposal site.

How long do your packages stay fresh after shipment?

Our cooking and packing process is designed to ensure maximum freshness. The pouches are blast chilled and frozen straight off the production line for freshness and extended shelf life. Depending on delivery instructions and whether product is left in the sun – pouches have a CHILLED used by date of 12 weeks after THAW. Should your pouches arrive partially melted – please do not re-freeze, simply store in your fridge. If product is still frozen – it is fine to store in your freezer until needed. Freezing does not affect the freshness or taste of our products in any way.

How do you keep food fresh for me to eat?

The secret to the fresh taste of our products is the cooking and packing process which means that the product is pumped into pouches at a very high temperature, sealed and then blast chilled. It is the short time which takes products from very hot to very cold in the shortest amount of time possible that produces an extended shelf life without the need to add preservatives. 

The Shipping Process

Do I need to be home to receive my meals?

Nope, you do not need to be home for your Vegan Made Easy delivery! The third party carriers will leave our packages at your door without a signature and leave the package in accordance with your delivery instructions eg. Leave in esky at the front door.

Delivery days and times

We deliver between Thursdays between midday and 5pm. You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been packed so that you know it will be arriving on the Thursday.

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