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Plant powered goodness
Discover our delicious and nutritious range of plant-based products. Delivered to your door and in store.

Vegan Made Easy

Since 2015, we have been committed to developing versatile, plant-based products that not only taste great- but can be prepared in minutes. Our recipes always strive to be as ‘clean’ as possible with no added preservatives and keeping sugar and salt to a minimum. Our focus is on real food, nothing ‘fake’ about it bringing you the flavours of India, Mexico and France in convenient pouches and pies that taste just like home made.
Try our Pies

What started out as an experiment with our trusty Kmart pie maker, has now turned into an exciting new range of crispy, delicious vegan pies. Our flavours offer something for everyone with the creamy comfort of the Coconut Veg Pie, rustic homestyle flavours of the Puy Lentil Pie and then a chipotle kick from the Smoky Bean Pie that is totally addictive!

We love Vegan Food

We love vegan food and we love it even more when it is easy to prepare!

Try vegan this January

In 2020, more than 450,000 people worldwide tried a vegan diet for a month, and January 2021 looks set to reach even more people. Our own Future Normal campaign encourages people to reflect on their relationship with animals and live their values, and trying Veganuary is a great way to take that first step.

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Surprise Carton - 8 Mixed Products - Melbourne Only

We are so excited to have our new brand launched as Vegan Made Easy but the good news for our customers is that our original pouch products – same great flavours – are available delivered straight to your door at a never to be repeated price.

The number of people in Australia and around the world turning towards a vegan and plant- based diet has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times. 

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