Surprise Carton - 8 Mixed Products

Surprise Carton - 8 Mixed Products

Product Description

Do you love surprises? We sure do...and we love delivering surprises to our beautiful customers in the form of our delicious vegan and gluten free meals!

Let us play magician and curate a carton of 8 products for you. Ideal for lunch or dinner, take a pouch to work for a convenient daytime meal or add to rice, pasta or corn chips (with sides of course) to make a more substantial evening meal for your family. Get creative with the beautiful flavours that all of our products offer.

This is a complete lucky dip - you could get a mix of just two products or eight entirely different products - it all depends what we have at our factory at each location. Items will be nearing their use by date (4 weeks or less), we are unable to sell these items to retail outlets but don't want them to go to waste and know that our beautiful Vegan Made Easy community support this sustainable and food waste free way of thinking too.

All of our products can be frozen for up to 12 months so it really is a risk free purchase.

Available across our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane delivery areas. Check if we deliver to you!  If your postcode is not on our list, make contact with us as we may be able to arrange delivery.