Mexican Sweet Potato

When we saw this stunning photo posted by Raimee Leigh Brook on her popular Instagram page, our mouths began to water immediately! 

So, we reached out to her and asked if she would mind sharing with our wider audience! She of course said YES! So here it is!

  • Grab a good sized sweet potato and pop in in the microwave for 5 mins intil perfectly cooked through. (if you aren’t in a hurry, pop it in the oven till perfectly baked.

  • Carefully break the sweet potato apart (don’t burn your fingers)

  • Top with our delicious Mexilicious Black Bean Fiesta 🇲🇽 (heated for 3 mins in a microwave or on the stove top), Avocado 🥑, capsicum, @rozas.gourmet beetroot crackers, pea shoots 🌱 , @madeinhemp hemp seeds, @rozas.gourmet miso edamame dip, @pickldit spicy vegetable seasoning , edamame beans and @sriracha_aus mayo 🧡!!

Then simply admire your creation, snap a pic and post it on your insta! Don’t forget to tag deliciousfoodsaustralia & raimeeleigh.fitfood so we can admire it with you!


What is your take on the Mexican Sweet potato?? There are so many combinations you can use. So get creative and share your love of good food with us.

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