In case you haven’t noticed – I LOVE LENTILS!!

The Dahlicious range of dahls was created on my stovetop at home 5 years ago. Why dahl? I don’t think there is another vegan dish that you can get so much flavour into. They are perfect little flavour vehicles! I have now gone on to fall for the beautiful French puy lentil that appears in the Veglicious Cassoulet and Potato Ragout.

Lentils are packed with nutrition. They are cholesterol-free and sodium-free, and loaded with potassium, folate, iron and fibre. One serving of lentils boasts nearly half as much protein as a serving of pork!

Many foods are positioned as “superfoods” but lentils are a strong contender for the title. In addition to their nutritional benefits, lentil crops need very little water and don’t require chemical fertilizer or burning between growing seasons. With an increasing consumer attention on climate change, a whole food source with a low carbon footprint and little reliance on fossil fuels is one to take note of.

Nicole xo