I just love beetroots! Especially their stunning colour. A few fun facts about beetroots and how I like to cook them.


• It's a hangover cure

• It's an aphrodisiac – apparently!

• It gives you a sugar rush

• It works as hair dye – that could be fun!!

• It can be made into a wine - definitely going to look that up!

• It stains easily

• Good source of folate, manganese, potassium, iron & Vitamin C

• Beetroots were served in space in 1975 on the USSR Apollo Project.

   18 astronauts prepared a borscht soup in zero gravity


I like to cook them by preheating the oven to 200 degrees

Wash beetroots carefully and pat dry – careful not to break the skin

Cut off leaves leaving about 3cm of stalk and leave roots on

Place beetroots whole, skin and all on an oven tray

Roll them around in some olive oil, sea salt and fresh thyme

Roast until slightly softened  - approx. 45mins

Allow to cool then pop some gloves on and rub skin off


I either add the roasted beetroot to our Veglicious Potato Ragout or make a salad adding some toasted walnuts, rocket, fresh thinly sliced pear and some vegan marinated fetta – I found an INCREDIBLE one called YAY Cheese – I tip the whole jar over the salad – the marinade acts as a fab dressing.

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