Firstly – don’t freak out! I hear from a lot from women (mostly - sadly!) who have their arms flailing and panic in their voices because their son is bringing his girlfriend for dins and she is vegan – “WHAT AM I GOING TO FEED HER???” she cries.

I know this is an increasingly common scenario as the Millennials (born 1980-1995) lead the charge into new uptake of plant-based diets. This was in fact one of the inspirations behind my starting the business of Delicious Foods Australia when my teenage daughter announced she was vegan.

I created my products for just this kind of situation! Let me give you an example of a dinner table full of various dietary requirements and how we feed them.

Our Veglicious Ratatouille is super versatile and can satisfy vegan, vegetarian, gluten free & meat eaters.

What you will need
- 1 pack Veglicious Ratatouille,
- 1 pack Gluten Free Pasta
- fresh basil
- crumbled fetta
- vegan cheese (optional)
- 1 chorizo sausage

Vegan is served – pasta, ratatouille, fresh basil & vegan cheese
Vegetarian is served – pasta, ratatouille, fresh basil & crumbled fetta
Gluten Free & Meat Eaters served – all of it! Including the chorizo sliced and pan fried til golden.

All nine of our products can be used in this way with the product acting as a base that is vegan and then adding to it to satisfy other family members as required.
If you get stuck – just message me and I will be happy to help you plan a menu! The Mexilicious range is our fam fave for larger gatherings.
Nicole xo